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Our Process

You were expecting an infographic about our process, weren’t you? A nice graph where you could plug in your company name and description and watch the gears grind until you get a prescribed result.

The truth is, your organization’s needs are different than anyone else’s, so why force our process onto your needs? We would all be much happier if we started out by understanding you and your company to figure out how to help you best. We might start with ideas of what we have in mind, but it’s only through our initial consultation and on-going conversations that we develop a plan that works best for your organization.


We work hard to understand each client and each job. After all, our goal is to make you happy with your next project.

Running Shoes—This Makes Me Happyseparator

What You Can Expect Working Together

While we don’t have a set process, there is a clear philosophy when it comes to our work: successful design is the consequence of doing loads of research, communicating with clients and constituents, doing more research, creating a strategy, sketching and experimenting, exploring different solutions, working hard, executing and evaluating solutions, proper project management, and maintaining open and cordial communications throughout the process (If you can pardon our language, we have a “no bullshit policy” with our clients). It all happens in different proportions and at different times—depending on project needs—but these always find their way into our work.

What We Can Do For You

Visual Communications

This Makes Me Happy is a full-service graphic design studio. We collaborate with copywriters, web developers, photographers, and other fine people to bring your visual communicaitons to life.

Visual Branding • Event branding • Visual communications • Collateral design • Web design • Publication design • Catalogs • Lettering • Typographic design and explorations

Design Strategy

The design process starts much sooner than you might think. Please include us in the initial planning of your project so we can inject design strategy into it.

Brand strategy • Project management • Production • Brand MappingDesign Thinking

Not seeing what you are looking for?

Maybe we missed something on this list. Maybe it’s something we haven’t done yet, but falls within our realm—We do love a good challenge and thrive in projects where we learn new things. At any rate, get in touch and let’s chat. Who knows, we may start a beautiful relationship.