Audio Tape—This Makes Me Happy

This Makes Me Happy is a podcast about people and what makes them happy!

Did you hear? We have a podcast! Visual communications make us happy, but we want to hear what makes others happy too. Make sure to listen to our conversations through This Makes Me Happy, the podcast.

Every episode we will bring a conversation with a new guest, on any topic they choose, and we’ll learn what makes that person happy. Each episode starts with the question, “what makes you happy?”. Guests are invited to pick any personal passion to talk about and most of the time we don’t know their answer. Join us to learn what different people say makes them happy.

This podcast wouldn’t be what it is today without the wonderful Happy Team. Thanks to Jason Zappolo for editing the podcasts, Orly Margulis for social media advice, and Rocío Castañeda for on going support.

Episodes are available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, YouTube, or through the podcast’s website.

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