Acapulco Typeface—This Makes Me Happy

Acapulco is a display sans serif typeface designed for small and medium size texts (9 – 36 points). Inspired by the Spanish blog, Acapulco 70, the shapes offers quirky curves and fresh proportions.

Showcased in the Type@Cooper 2013 Student Exhibition at the Type Directors Club.

Acapulco Typeface—Samples

Each character was hand-drawn in the regular, heavy, and italic cuts before being digitized as OpenType fonts. The demi and bold weights were interpolated from the regular and heavy.


Acapulco Typeface—Separator
Acapulco Typeface—Hand Sketches
Acapulco Typeface—A C A P U L C O
Acapulco Typeface—Regular Demi Bold Black Italic
Acapulco Typefacd—Separator

The character set includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and an extensive set of accents and ligatures

While Acapulco is a display typeface, it is highly legible in small sizes, making it a great typeface for short texts of all sizes.

Acapulco Typeface—Samples